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No one seems to understand how I feel, ever. They say you aren't alone, yet, how am I supposed to believe something that I feel isn't true?
I can be positive with you, but all I can do is bring myself down.

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I miss you.:(


I knew I missed you but it really hit me when I realised that with you gone there was no one there to stop me destroying myself

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Life is full of surprises. its so beautiful yet ugly at the same time. you can be floating in space one second and crashing back down to reality the next. it may kick you in the ass sometimes, but will teach you a lesson in it all. you will come across people you feel as if you were separated at birth from and some who you cant stand at all. you’ll encounter situations when love just isn’t enough. and trying times when your friends become your foes. you’ll go through the never ending cycle of questioning yourself then regretting your decisions later. sometimes you would do anything for just a glimpse of the future, causing you to miss out on the present. you will want to know how you’ll “turn out” or who you’ll spend your whole life waking up next to. but you will never know. and i think that’s the paradox of it all..we won’t know til it happens. me answering this question is pointless since I’ve barely experienced it myself. ask me this on my death bed because then I will have lived.


LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes

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